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Law Firm Design

My law firm clients often ask, "How are AMLAW 100/200 firms are designing their office..." as they are also concerned about efficiency, retention, and recruiting - not to mention partner profits.   The following link provides some insight as to how Fish and Richardson have set up operations to service their global footprint from a ...


Brick and Mortar Ventures Offices – San Francisco

What do yo do with only 900 square feet?  via Brick and Mortar Ventures Offices - San Francisco - Office Snapshots


3 Reasons Millennials Choose Coworking

The co-working community in San Diego continues to thrive, as there are new facilities what seems to be weekly.  There are now over 50 co-work facilitates in some form across the county.  Each offers something different.  Many people have asked me if just a trend or if its here to stay.  Its early to tell, ...


Law Firms Seek Similar Digs Of Tech Clients

The trend continues, but in an unusual industry.  Law firm Gunderson Dettmer's office in Silicon Valley dumps the traditional offices model for something more progressive  - an open space collaborative environment. If your organization is not paying attention to workplace strategy, its time to start understanding what your competition is doing and how you can ...


The War For Talent Is Over, And Everyone Lost

Great article out of Fast item they did not address is workplace environment of their employees.  Not only should they [employers] strive to put the right talent in the right job, as the author mentions, but employers should also be focusing on the right Workplace Strategy to elevate the efficiency and engagement of that ...