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Canopy Coworking Space – San Francisco

Are you looking for design ideas for your office, or wonder what leaders in your industry are doing with their office space? via Canopy Coworking Space - San Francisco - Office Snapshots


3 Reasons Millennials Choose Coworking

The co-working community in San Diego continues to thrive, as there are new facilities what seems to be weekly.  There are now over 50 co-work facilitates in some form across the county.  Each offers something different.  Many people have asked me if just a trend or if its here to stay.  Its early to tell, ...


CONNECT Offering Coworking Space in UTC

Another co-work option in UTC,  as CONNECT, a local nonprofit focused on growing startups, is entering the coworking world with new shared workspace in San Diego. via CONNECT Offering Coworking Space in UTC | San Diego Business Journal


Snapchat’s Real Estate Strategy Makes Corporate Hqs Seem Like Dinosaurs

Maximum flexibility or cohesive office environment?  Snapchat has taken it to the extreme.  The question that is not asked often enough is why do people come to work (besides the paycheck of course).  Many of us have that 'flexible' workplace option but still opt to come into the office...but why?  I believe it has to ...


Are Co-Working Spaces Here to Stay?

via Are Co-Working Spaces Here to Stay?