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HDG Architecture Offices – Spokane

Have you ever wondered how Architects implement and embody their own advice? Growing firm HDG Architecture recently designed and moved into their new offices, located in Spokane, Washington.  Take a peak inside.  via HDG Architecture Offices - Spokane - Office Snapshots


Law Firm Design

My law firm clients often ask, "How are AMLAW 100/200 firms are designing their office..." as they are also concerned about efficiency, retention, and recruiting - not to mention partner profits.   The following link provides some insight as to how Fish and Richardson have set up operations to service their global footprint from a ...


Brick and Mortar Ventures Offices – San Francisco

What do yo do with only 900 square feet?  via Brick and Mortar Ventures Offices - San Francisco - Office Snapshots


CEOs Want Their Offices Back

Has the pendulum swung to far? Or maybe the open office environment is not suited for every industry.  While we continue to see demand for the creative type space to spur collaboration, quiet areas are still be planned to accommodate "quiet time". The comments at the end of the article are interesting.  via CEOs Want ...


Canopy Coworking Space – San Francisco

Are you looking for design ideas for your office, or wonder what leaders in your industry are doing with their office space? via Canopy Coworking Space - San Francisco - Office Snapshots